Friday, December 14, 2012

A growing family and a shrinking basketball court

Well for those of you who aren't on my facebook or missed my status sister-in-law Ashley is pregnant! She's 7 weeks in and is due in July! So I'll have another niece (or hopefully a nephew)! I'll be an uncle again for a 3rd time. The reason behind me saying hopefully a nephew is, I already have 2 niece's, and while I love them dearly...I really want a nephew that I can teach manly stuff to down the road, lol.

So congratulations to Ashley and Jared on being parents (come July)!

In other news, for those that are members of our church, there's been this really interesting "protest" discussion going on. Basically, women want to wear pants to church, and a lot of people feel they shouldn't. So in protest, they're going to wear pants to church on a Sunday. While I do not agree with protesting on a Sunday at church (you shouldn't be doing it. You go to church to grow closer to the Lord and to learn, not to protest) I do see where the women are coming from. I think if a woman wants to wear a pantsuit to church, that's her right to do so. The men in the church have no power over what women can wear. We say you are supposed to wear your best to church. So if you own a pantsuit and that's the best you have, wear it! I really don't think the Lord cares what we wear, as long as we are seeking to learn more about the Gospel and to grow closer to Him.
So if you can't tell by reading this far...I support women who wish to wear "pants" to church. Myself, as a priesthood holder, do not feel like we have any right to tell women they cannot wear "pants".
But again, should they do it as an act of protest on a Sunday? No.
So there's my 2 cents on that subject.

In other news...Christmas is almost here! I cannot wait. I missed last Christmas due to being in the MTC, and really just want this Christmas to get here already! Only 11 more days!

I have a story to share from my mission..while I was only out in the field for 3 days before I came home due to sickness, I did learn much in those 3 days and in the MTC. The day before I went home, we got a call from a member about a man who wanted the discussions from me and my companion. So we drove over, and knock on the door. He opens it and the very first thing he says is "I wish to be baptized!" Needless to say, we were surprised. We went inside and talked with him. He had been invited to play basketball by a member of the church, and while playing just saw how Christlike the members playing were. After a few weeks he started asking more about the church, which in turn led to us knocking on his door. None of that would have happened if he hadn't been invited by a member of the church to play basketball. What if they had cancelled basketball and he had never gotten the opportunity to come out?
The Lord works in mysterious ways, and you'd be surprised which person might ask more about the church. Don't write anybody off just because of the way they act. You don't know who they really are, and by limiting who can play (non-member wise) you might be holding somebody away from joining the church down the road.

Anyway...Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all have a good Christmas and New Years (if we're still here after the 21st haha) Let's hope the Mayans were wrong :)

I probably won't write again until Christmas. See ya then!